MSW/Spiritual Counselor

Identify your goals towards living a more fulfilling and spiritually-focused life.

Healthy Lifestyle Products for your Body and Home Care

As a lover of Mother Earth and the bounty she provides through Essential Oils, I have been a Young Living Distributor and essential oil user for more than 10 years.

Young Living Essential Oils are nature’s Living Energy. I love them because they provide support to our immune system, helping us to be healthier, more vibrant and better able to fully enjoy our lives. I stand by Young Living products because they are so carefully prepared in alignment with founder Gary Young’s commitment to integrity.

As a Spiritual Counselor I have 30 years of experience inspiring and empowering hundreds of individuals to recognize their divine essence, which is the truth of their worthiness, and to embrace well-being in their body, mind and soul.

I employ various products and techniques in my practice including:

  • Essential Oils
  • Meditation
  • Energy Medicine