MSW/Spiritual Counselor

Identify your goals towards living a more fulfilling and spiritually-focused life.

Sheila Kaye, MSW/Spiritual Counselor

Her intrigue began in childhood wondering how & why our minds work. She completed her traditional training at University of Illinois with a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work. Sheila Kaye has 30+ years of LCSW experience in the mental health arena, including outpatient & psychiatric inpatient counseling, teaching at community colleges & churches, with a finish of 11 years in hospice care.

In addition to Social Work continuing education, Sheila embraced education in spiritual realms, metaphysical ministry, energy anatomy, Reiki, Healing Touch,  angels, meditation, Unity teachers classes & a year at seminary.

Sheila is available for counseling, spiritual growth, meditation, guided imagery, grief support, end of life education, teaching, essential oils, women’s issues, life conditioning, and much more.


"Sheila really helped me feel better in a very short time. She helped me conquer my fears. Thanks Sheila!"

— JK, Tampa FL (age 11)